the history


The building dates back to the start of the 20th century. The basement was used as a stable for livestock while hay was stored up in the barn. The structure was rebuilt in the 1980s after being completely destroyed by a fire.

The new stable was home to several Hérens “queens”* until 2010, when the owners decided to move them to a cowshed outside the village.

*In Valais, Hérens cows are renowned for their belligerent disposition. During the “inalpe”, when the cattle make their spring journey up to the mountain pastures, the cows lock horns and fight each other. The strongest cow is crowned “queen” and leads the herd throughout the summer.

After four years of work, Jean has given the building a third lease of life dedicated to tourist accommodation.

the construction

opening for the window in the studio
exterior masonry walls
building ready for its wood cladding

→ the construction

reinforcement bars for the stable
installing the openwork roof panels
building is given a brushed, reclaimed wood cladding

the stone

laying down the slate flooring
waxing the slate slabs
laying the terracotta floor tiles
laying the granite slabs

→ the stone

grouting the slabs with cement
building the chimney
grouting and waxing the tiles
building the reclaimed granite staircase

the wood

brushing the framework
building a larch air vent grid
brushing the wood for the external cladding
preparing the vine stakes
planing down old floor panels
bonding the panels using Sikaflex
brushing and restoring the wardrobe door
building the door handles

→ the wood

impregnating and treating the wood
installing the air vent grid for the heat pump
building the chimney (wood reclaimed from the old panelling)
building the barrier made from the vine stakes provided by François
laying the old floor panels in the living room
stripping away the three layers of paint
building a bedroom door from reclaimed wood
impregnating the frame of the bed
applying wax using the polisher

the iron

reworking various metal fittings
installing the Bernese latches on the reclaimed doors provided by Olivier
installing the window bars

→ the iron

repairing the lock from the cellar door
building the forged steel bars
installing the safety barrier on the bedroom window